Hello, I am Aris Papagrigoriou, I am a Product Manager & a Digital Product Designer
I have more than 6 years experience on Product Design working as a User Experience, Interaction and Interface designer. I hold an MSc on Information Systems Management. The contribution to all the projects I have undertaken, spans the entire spectrum of product design, from strategic conceptualisation to front-end coding.
These days I am the Head of Product at Intale. I have the responsibility for the feedback gathering loop, the backlog prioritization and the end-to-end experience that Intale provides to it’s customers. At the same time I am responsible for the design and maintenance of a tailored agile workflow between teams, internal and external stakeholders.
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I joined Intale in early 2013, as a User Experience, Interaction and Interface Designer. Currently I am part of the management team and I have been placed as the Head of Product, managing Intale’s core product, Intale Point.
Intale Point is an end-to-end solution translated to a modern POS application combined with a largely complicated cross-platform web Back Office Cloud App. Built from the ground up, it covers all C-Store functions, giving E.R.P. capabilities to the store owner. It is by far the largest project I have undertaken.
Intale Ads Display is a customer facing screen that displays live basket information at the point of sale. It is connected wirelessly with Intale Point.
It’s built using web technologies and runs on a tablet, placed at the eye level of the consumer. The display is capable of showing promotions based on the scanned basket items, specified date ranges and time of day.

  • Product Strategy
  • Product Goal setting and day-to-day Management
  • Product Market fit and Promotion Strategy
  • Communicating ideas & decisions to the Management team
  • Project Management using hybrid Agile models
  • Product Backlog Management
  • Team Leading (Product Design & Marketing)


  • User Experience Analysis & Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Business Analysis and Specification Creation
  • Information Architecture Analysis & Design
  • User-Centered Design Techniques
  • Wireframing, Prototyping
  • Feedback Gathering and Utilisation


  • Web Markup (HTML5, CSS3)
  • CSS Architecture and Adaptation
  • CSS Pre-processors (LESS, SASS)
  • CSS3 Animations
  • Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Fireworks
  • Visual Design – Graphic Design aligned to Brand
  • Git, Team Foundation Server
  • WordPress and other Content Management Systems
  • Autopano Giga, Pano 2VR creating reusable interfaces
  • Microsoft Visual Studio .NET MVC


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