The objective here was to create the world’s first-basket aware-customer facing advertisement display, which behaves according to the items on the basket, and to a series of other parameters like the specified date ranges, days and time, etc. The screen displays predefined promotional media in video, audio or image formats.

ūüôĀ Unfortunately the functional prototype is intended for resolutions higher than 1024x768 pixels

II have been working on this project from the beginning, translating requirements to an interface candidate, in order to achieve the goal of the project. I conceptualised the Interface and created a functional prototype to communicate the solution to all stakeholders and sign-off the project.


After the project was signed-off, I continued gathering requirements to cover all possible scenarios and Use Cases. I then passed the HTML structure of the prototype to the engineering team and worked closely to build the project using the React framework. I came up with a custom CSS architecture, adapting to the chosen framework, creating reusable elements using LESS.

The display is connected wirelessly to Intale Point (the in-store Point of Sale app) through the store’s local network. Every time an item (trigger) enters the basket in while all other conditions are met (date, time), the media content changes instantly, attracting the attention of the consumer while informing on¬†the promotion.
The interface is comprised of two main elements. The Media Container and the Basket. The media container is the element responsible for holding the videos or the images, while behaves based on the content of the basket. For example a specified scanned product can trigger the alteration of the content which will be displayed until the next media changing event.
The basket element is handling all the items that enter the POS basket as well as all the states of the scanned products, including quantities and prices, returns, discounts, promotions and loyalty pricing. A challenging part of the project was to identify and implement the different states of the basket items that can co-exist (e.g. loyalty pricing with promotions)
*All Possible Scenarios
The Intale Ads Display is a by-product of Intale Point. It benefits both the store owner and the manufacturer of the advertising products. Informing the consumer of the basket total, the received amount and the change due, thereby creating trust between the consumer and the store, adding value to the owner and giving a reason to install it.
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